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“Two Steps, One Sticker”: Inspection & Registration Together at Last


Get ready for the new Texas Two Step! The State of Texas will stop issuing inspection stickers and transition to a “Two Steps, One Sticker” vehicle inspection and registration system next year. Vehicles inspected after March 1, 2015, will no longer be issued an inspection sticker.

You will no longer have to worry about having two stickers with separate expiration dates as long as you follow two simple steps:

  1. Get and pass vehicle inspection.
  2. Renew your vehicle registration.

How “Two Steps, One Sticker” Will Work

In order to register you will be required to get and pass an inspection no more than 90 days prior to the date your registration expires. After the inspection, the station will update your electronic inspection record with the results. The station will also issue you a paper copy of the vehicle inspection report (VIR).

When you go to register your vehicle, whether in person, via mail or online, your inspection record will be verified electronically to determine if your vehicle has passed inspection and is eligible for registration at that time.

Transitioning to a “Two Steps, One Sticker” process will require every vehicle’s inspection and registration dates to expire at the same time. In order to do this you will be allowed to register your vehicle if your vehicle inspection is valid the day you register.

Why You'll Love “Two Steps, One Sticker”
  • Only one date to remember
  • Prevents inspection sticker fraud and theft
  • Increases motorist visibility
  • Enhances inspection compliance resulting in safer cars on the road
  • Saves taxpayer money
  • More aesthetically pleasing to drivers

Common Questions on “Two Steps, One Sticker”
  • Are the inspection requirements changing?
    • No. The inspection station will check the same elements that are currently inspected. You will need to ensure that you receive the proper inspection for the vehicle type and the county in which your vehicle is registered.
  • Will the cost of inspection or registration increase?
    • No. However, you will pay the inspection station their portion of the fee at the time of inspection and the state’s portion of the fee will be collected at the time of registration.
  • What if my vehicle passed inspection but the computer system says it didn’t or has no record of the inspection?
    • Simply present your valid, passing vehicle inspection report (VIR) provided to you by the inspection station, and registration will be permitted.
  • Can I still renew my registration online, in-person, or by mail?
    • Yes. You will still have the option to decide how you register your vehicle.

Staying Informed on “Two Steps, One Sticker”

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