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TAC Single Sticker Presentation

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infoTACA 2014 Materials: Thank you to everyone that was able to stop by the TxDMV booth at TACA! For those that did not attend the conference, here are the TxDMV presentations and handout files.

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infoRTS 7.4.0 / NMVTIS went live May 12, 2014

Find all necessary NMVTIS information and tools under NMVTIS Resources in the Toolbox.

New: Dealer lists are available in excel format under the "Resources" tab.
Sortable dealer lists can be accessed from the right column under "Dealer Lists".


RTS Release 7.5.0

RTS 7.5.0 Release Notes

RTS Release 7.4.0

RTS 7.4.0 Release Notes v2

RTS 7.4.0 Prep Checklist v2

RTS 7.4.0 InfoXchange Webinar

National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS)


  • Phase 1 Pilot (new cars and trucks) Completed
  • Phase 1 Statewide Implementation by Region February 2014 – December 2014
    • TxDMV Austin Region counties and dealers first, followed by Waco and
      San Antonio Regions
    • TxDMV Regional Service Center staff will work with county staff on implementations,
      regional staff will contact you when we schedule your county
  • Phase 2 Used Vehicles is targeted to Pilot by December 2014
IVTRS Release 4.6 - Live December 16, 2013

TPE Direct & Statewide Online Registration

Release Notes &

RTS Release Notes

RTS 6.8.1

RTS 6.8.1 Release Notes

Key Functions Impacted
Voluntary Donations

The redesigned registration renewal notice includes two write-in lines allowing for the collection of voluntary donations at the time of registration and/or registration, also an additional write-in line for the grand total due. The RTS Fees Due (PMT004) screen displays a new donation button for the designated entities and is also included in your Additional Collections Event.

Internet Report Changes

Access to the Internet Deposit Reconciliation and Vendor Payment reports are no longer available on the Report Selection (REG106) screen in RTS. The two reports are only available through the NICUSA website. The Internet Transaction Reconciliation Detail report is the only internet report still available through RTS.

Plate-to-Owner Update

Dealer title transfers related to plate-to-owner is fixed and the system will only issue the following plate types when applicable:

  • Passenger
  • Truck
  • Combination
  • Disaster Relief
  • Fertilizer
  • Soil Conservation

RTS 6.8.0

RTS 6.8.0 Release Notes

RTS 6.8.0 Updates & Reminders

6.8.0 Preparation Checklist

VTR Fillable PDF Forms

Special Plate Inquiry

Invalidate Registration for Dealer Titles

Vehicle Color Chart

Key Functions Impacted
Flash Drive Updates for Laptops

Shortly after go live: Subcontractor Laptops must be flashed to accommodate new special plates and other important updates (RSPS 2.2.0).

Shortly after go live: DTA Laptops must be flashed to receive important updates such as virus protection and windows updates (RSPS 2.2.0).

Title Application: Registration Invalid with Dealer Transfer

Effective September 1, 2011, SB 1057, enacted during the 82nd Legislative Session, requires that current registration be invalidated at the time a vehicle traded in to a Texas dealer and subsequently sold to a new owner. The legislation requires the dealer to collect registration fees for a minimum of 12 months (except for registrations with fixed expiration months such as Combination, which may be less than 12 months) at the time of application for Texas title.

The system will automatically charge a minimum 12 months of registration at time of title transfer by a licensed Texas dealer to a new owner. This includes Original titles, RPO and Non-Titled only.

Vehicle Color Captured in Registration and Title Events

This enhancement allows you to enter the vehicle color (Major and Minor Color) for all vehicle types in the following Registration and Title events:

  • Renewal
  • Exchange
  • Replacement
  • Status Change > Miscellaneous Remarks (title event)

Note: Existing vehicle colors are modified through Status Change > Miscellaneous Remarks.

Timed Permit: Permit Modify

Temporary (Timed) Permit Modify Event allow for corrections on previously issued temporary permits, which are no longer in the void window. If a permit is issued with a date or time that is in the future that is not correct, the effective date or time can be modified and a corrected permit issued. The permit number remains the same.

Temporary Disabled Placard: Add New

This enhancement provides for the issuance of a second Temporary Disabled Placard, with the same expiration date. Previously, when a second Temporary Disabled Placard was added, the month and year of expiration was reset for another six-month period without submitting an Application for Persons with Disabilities Parking Placard and/or License Plate (VTR-214).

Special Plate: Inquiry

This enhancement provides county tax offices and regional service center personnel the ability to perform a Special Plates Inquiry to check the status or availability of a specialty license plate. This includes the options to View Only or View and Print the specialty plate information.

Help Menu: VTR Forms

This enhancement provides county tax offices with the most up to date forms available on the TxDMV website and provides two additional forms that were only available in a hard copy format from a TxDMV Regional Service Center. The web site provides the current version of all VTR forms that are available in a fillable PDF format.

Admin Table Changes

The admin tables now include the new specialty plate, A Fine Cause. The unique registration classes for Armed Forces Reserve have been eliminated. Additional vehicle types and registration classes are now available for Desert Storm, Share the Road, and Texas Master Gardner in RTS and RSPS.

RTS 6.7.0

RTS 6.7.0 Release Notes

6.7.0 Preparation Checklist

Capturing Vehicle Color

Printing on Demand

Special Plates Temporary Insignia – Renewal

Special Plates Temporary Insignia – Replacement

Vehicle Color Chart

Key Functions Impacted
  • New Specialty Plate Temporary Insignia - This functionality will provide specialty plate temporary insignia (15-day permit) automatically when a specialty plate is ordered and linked to a vehicle record. This will replace the use of the current manual 15-day cardboard tags.
  • Addition of Vehicle Color to RTS - This change will allow for the collection of vehicle color data in the RTS Title Event as a required field. This new function will store the color data in the motor vehicle database, print the color(s) on the ownership document as a remark, and print on RTS receipts. The National Crime Information Center (NCIC) vehicle color standards will be used.
  • On-Demand Printing at Point of Sale - Provides the ability for counties to print batch reports automatically or on-demand based on their preference. This print feature should reduce the unnecessary printing of reports not used in all counties, while still providing access to the information when needed.
  • Sales Tax Penalty Automation - This feature will allow for the sales tax penalty of 5% or 10% to be selected and calculated automatically in RTS by using the date of assignment/sales tax date. Currently RTS users manually select either the 5% or 10% penalty amounts.
  • Multi-Year Registration Expansion - Multi-year registration (12, 24, or 36 months) will be opened up to most vehicle types (but not all). This does not include annual plate types (e.g., Combination). RTS currently only provides this option for new passenger cars and light trucks that have never been registered or titled.

RTS 6.6.0

RTS 6.6.0 Release Notes

Key Functions Impacted
  • Plate Type Default - The selections on the Class/Plate/Sticker Type Choice screen (REG08) will default to match the vehicle type entered. This should save keystrokes navigating through the formerly alphabetical list of plate types for typical transactions.
  • In-Process Transaction Pop-up - New notification window (INQ002) displays when a registration or title transaction is in-progress on a vehicle but has not yet been updated in the RTS system. The Pop-up will display when a new transaction is being attempted.
  • Preview Report - New optional screen (RPR000) provides detailed receipt information for transactions to confirm accuracy prior to completion.
  • Back Navigation Data Hold - When an RTS user navigates backwards in the application, heavy data-entry screens (e.g., Owner Entry, Lien Entry) will retain the data already entered.
  • Access to TxDMV Website - The RTS system will provide a link to the TxDMV Internet site. This will support easy access to public facing TxDMV information, tools & training as well as TAC-specific material.
  • Accept funds greater than $1 million - Dollar entry fields in RTS will now allow for transactions over $999,999.99.
  • Exempt Default for Odometer Field - When the odometer reading is not necessarily based on the weight and truck type, the field will now default to "Exempt". This will reduce time for the RTS user completing the transaction and reinforce the current TxDMV regulations.
  • "Permanent" Token Trailer Plates - Initial phase of “permanent” token trailer registration will allow for renewal of token trailers without requiring either new plate or sticker issuance by the county. New plates will be issued upon initial registration.
County Materials for RTS 6.6.0 (12/13/2010)

The following resources were provided to support the transition to RTS Version 6.6.0.

TAC Office Preparation Checklist RTS 6.6.0Preview ReceiptIn-Process Transactions

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